Support Anime Beach! The best shop in E-town. *^_^* (and my place o' employ :D) I shall be updating with a new layout and a ton of new stuff within a few weeks! :)


Added a forum. :) It's just bare bones right now so please bare with me as I get it looking like it should and better organized. *^_^*


Getting there ever steadily. I need to change one important thing and then I'll be diving into the art section and hopefully getting that working soon. :)


It has been over a year since I have updated this layout. Through temper tantrums and procrastination storms I _finally_ bring respite from the horrid orange number that plagued this web address for so long. I hope you like the new system. I know it's very simple, but it was inspired by the work/design of a guy I really admire. And besides...mod is cool. It was also part inspired by a bracelet my best friend made for me with moonstone and a bunch of other stuff I can't even begin to name. *^_^* There is an especially huge overhaul happening for the art section as I have a large number of works to add, as well as a bunch of absolutely wonderful giftarts to post that friends have given me. I do hope you enjoy the new layout, and are having a blessed and safe New Year!